When you have an infection somewhere on your body that looks like it is growing and will not go away, you want to have a doctor look at it. Instead of going to a doctor where you might have to wait a long time to be seen, an urgent care center can see you quickly and treat you quickly, too.

About an Abscess

An abscess is caused by the body’s white blood cells. They come together at the place in your body where the infection has occurred. This could be in your skin, your organs, or even in spaces in your body. The white blood cells form pus that creates a lump that is usually red and inflamed. In the center of the lump, there may be a yellow or white head. The spot may also be warm to the touch.

An abscess will be full of pus, of living and dead cells and bacteria, and debris. This type of sore will often occur when the skin is broken or damaged in some way and bacteria enter into the wound or open skin.

An abscess can be quite serious, depending on how long it is allowed to continue without treatment. If it forms deeper in the body, there may not be any visible indications of the problem. The area will generally be painful to touch.

The Cause

An abscess can be caused by several things. This can include bacteria, parasites, viruses, and objects that are swallowed. If a sweat gland becomes blocked, it can also lead to an abscess, which is usually called a boil.

People who have a weak immune system are likely to get abscesses more often. This includes people who have had chemotherapy, diabetes, cancer, AIDS, severe burns, drug or alcohol abuse, and more. Other ones may occur from infections that are often at hospitals – MRSA – which is contagious.

Common Places of Occurrence

Abscesses typically occur in a number of places on your body. They can occur around a tooth, in your armpits, at the base of your spine, and in your groin area.

When this type of infection is in the body, it can be very serious. If allowed to go untreated, it can damage major organs, including the heart, lungs, brain, and more. A fever may also be present.


Diagnosing this type of infection is easily done. It will not usually go away on its own. Antibiotics alone will not usually remedy the problem. The spot must be drained of the pus, and then antibiotics given in addition to it. Serious infections will likely need to be treated with an IV.

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