Board Certified Urgent Care Clinic Williston Park, Long Island

When you are looking for somewhere to go for expert medical treatment, you want to be sure that the doctors are qualified. With many medical offices opening up today, it is a good idea to verify it beforehand. In the Long Island area, you can find a Board certified urgent care clinic.

All Doctors Board Certified

At the Silver Star Urgent Care center, all of our doctors are Board certified. Some of them have also worked in hospital emergency rooms, and have also received specialized training in medical emergencies and other specialties.

Specialized Care for All Ages

In order to provide the best care for all our patients, we have on staff doctors who are trained to treat all ages. We have pediatricians for your children, and a geriatric doctor for the seniors. Of course, we also have doctors that can provide treatments for everyone else in between.

The Diagnostic Equipment

Providing expert treatments often relies on having good diagnostic equipment. Our offices have x-ray machines, EKG’s, and more so that we can understand the problems better.

We are also able to provide tests for various health issues. We can test for STD’s, urinary tract infections, asthma, and more. We also treat long term issues such as asthma.

Treatments Offered

Because the Silver Star center is a Board certified urgent care clinic, we are able to treat almost any problem you might have. This includes such things as broken bones, burns, cuts, fractures, sprains, and open wounds. The only thing that we cannot treat is those situations that are life-threatening.

Being Board certified also enables us to provide many kinds of tests that you might be required to take. It includes tests for employment, DOT, TLC, Merchant Marine, Coast Guard, Green Card, and more.

Get Fast Service

At the Silver Star Urgent Care center, we know that your time is valuable. We work hard to be able to see patients shortly after your arrival. This is true even if you are a walk-in. You do not need an appointment to receive treatment, and we will treat you as if you did have one.

Most health insurance plans are accepted. Just to be sure, though, you should call before you come and we can verify it on the phone for you. This could save you time and money.

Save Money

Visiting an urgent care center can save you a lot of money when compared to going to a hospital emergency room. There will still be co-pay, but the costs will likely be about half as much as the cost of going to an ER. You may also find that the urgent care center is closer to your home.

The Silver Star Urgent Care center has multiple locations in the Long Island area. Each center is a Board certified urgent care clinic and offers friendly medical treatment for all ages. Call today for more information, or to make an appointment.

Board Certified Urgent Care Clinic

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Far Rockaway, NY 11691
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