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Most cuts and scrapes that you get every day do not require a doctor’s care. You can simply wash it and put a simple bandage on it – and you are set to go. Some of them, however, are either deep enough or serious enough that they need a doctor’s care. In New York City and on Long Island, you can find a cuts and scrapes doctor for medical help at the Silver Star Urgent Care medical center.

Deep Cuts

A deep cut can cause some serious injuries. This is especially true if you have cut a vein or an artery. In those cases, you need to see a doctor immediately. It may require internal stitches, as well as external ones to close the open blood vessels and the wound.


Deeper cuts also need to be disinfected to ensure that an infection does not start below the skin. The doctor will also likely ask when you had a tetanus shot last, and give you one if you have not had one in the last 10 years.

Children get a lot of cuts and scrapes – it is just part of being an active child. It is important to treat them quickly and get them properly covered with a bandage so that dirt and other things do not get in them and cause infection. When infected, be sure to see a cuts and scrapes doctor to minimize it.


If not treated promptly, a cut or scrape can become infected. If, after trying some topical medications, you find that it does not heal, you need to see a doctor about it. For sure, you do not want to wait until it gets really serious, because then you could have some serious complications.

When there is an infection, the doctor will likely prescribe some anti-biotics to kill bacteria that may have entered when the wound occurred. This can either stop it from becoming worse and spreading, or it may also need to be drained and cleaned.

Minimize Scars

When a cut or scrape is not properly closed, it can leave a larger scar. Seeing a doctor for the right treatment can help ensure that scars are minimized – which will always be appreciated later, especially if it occurred in a visible place.

Check for Other Injuries

A cut or scrape may also occur along with other injuries. If there is swelling and pain along with it, and it happened after a fall, there may also be other injuries. The person may also need an x-ray to ensure that other injuries have not occurred.

Urgent Care Advantage

When you have a more serious cut or scrape, an urgent care center can get you in and out faster than an emergency room. At Silver Star, it is our goal to see and treat patients quickly so that there is very little wait time. Walk-in patients are also welcome.

The Silver Star Urgent Care centers in the New York city area has a cuts and scrapes doctor. Each doctor is Board-certified and can provide professional treatment.

Cuts and Scrapes Doctor

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