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Urgent Care

When you have an emergency, it is important to go to where you can get fast treatment. The emergency room at the nearby hospital certainly can give you good treatment, but it will not be quickly. In fact, you will probably wait for hours before a doctor ever sees you. As an alternative, the Silver Star Urgent Care center provides you with fast urgent care.

Fast Medical Care

The Silver Star Urgent Care center gives you a way to get the fast medical service you need and expect. We also do it with compassion, and take time to listen to our patients. We see patients quickly to help prevent long waits in the waiting room.

Medical Issues We Treat

When you have a medical emergency in Mineola, the Silver Star Urgent Care clinic can treat nearly anything. The only exception to this is that we are not able to treat life-threatening emergencies. For anything else, we invite you to come when you have broken bones, cuts, sprains, fractures, open wounds, and burns.

Our Doctors

All of the doctors in our center are board-certified. Some of them have considerable experience working in hospital emergency rooms, which means that you will get the same treatment that you could get in an ER.

A few of the doctors have also specialized in fields such as pediatrics, or geriatrics, and everything in between. Their broad range of training and experience enables us to treat everyone in the family with the best of care.

Our Diagnostics

Before giving you any treatment, we want to be sure that we understand the problem correctly. We have an x-ray machine in our office for this purpose. We also have an EKG machine to test for heart issues. Testing and treatment can also be provided for other medical problems such as urinary tract infections, STD’s, colds, flu, asthma and more.

No Appointment Needed

The Silver Star Urgent Care center does not require appointments. You can come as a walk-in when you have an urgent medical need. You will also be seen quickly by a medical professional.

Clinical Care

In addition to the urgent care we provide, we also give the community clinical services. This is the same type of services that you would receive at a doctor’s office.

This includes services such as vaccinations, physical exams for school and work, drug tests, and more. We also provide special physical exams for the DOT, TLC, and Green Card. We are also authorized to give physical exams for the Coast Guard and Merchant Marines.

Pay Less for Emergencies

Going to an ER at a hospital is going to mean rather hefty charges. At the Silver Star, you can expect to save money for the same treatment, and will also receive it much faster.

The Silver Star Urgent Care clinic provides expert medical care for emergencies and clinical needs. Our patients are treated with compassion, and we are glad to treat all your family members. At our clinic, you can get the urgent care you need fast.

Urgent Care

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