When you have a nosebleed, most of the time it can be stopped rather easily by applying a little pressure. Some of them, however, do not stop with such a simple method, and more complex treatment is needed. This is when nose bleeds, with packing available, become necessary.

Causes of Severe Nose Bleeds

A nose bleed, also called epistaxis, can occur at any age. Injuries to the front (anterior) of your nasal cavities are not likely to cause severe problems, but problems in the rear (posterior) portions of your sinus cavities could be serious. Severe nose bleeds that do not stop when using normal measures to control them can be caused by many medical problems. These include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Tumors
  • A calcium deficiency
  • Blood diseases
  • Chemicals
  • Blood thinners.

When to Call the Doctor

After you have tried the regular methods of stopping a nose bleed, you may discover that the bleeding does not stop and blood is still flowing rather freely. Here are some things to look for that indicates that you need to get to a doctor for immediate treatment of nose bleeds, with packing available.

  • The nosebleed began after an accident
  • You are feeling faint or dizzy
  • The bleeding lasts more than 30 minutes
  • Caused by an object up the nose (children)
  • Turning pale
  • Swallowing large amounts of blood, causing vomiting.


When you go to a doctor for emergency treatment, the doctor will first work to discover the location of the bleeding and the cause. Doctors have several types of remedies for nose bleeds. Most bleeding that occurs in the front part (anterior) of the sinuses can be rather easily stopped, but those at the rear (posterior) are more difficult.

Nasal Packing

While several methods of stopping the nose bleeding are available, a common method is called nasal packing. This method places materials, often made of cotton and shaped for this purpose, into the nasal passage. The material is usually absorbent and often will have antibiotics on it to prevent an infection.

Another way doctors may stop the bleeding is to use a balloon device. This balloon is packed into the nasal passage and sinus cavity, and then some air pressure is used to keep it in place.

The nasal packing is kept in place for several days. If the individual is on blood thinners, it will be left in the nose longer. These methods usually work well in patients who do not have difficulty with breathing through their mouth for a few days.

The Doctors

At the Silver Star Urgent Care clinic, all of the doctors are Board-certified. Some of them have worked in hospital emergency rooms, and the clinic is prepared to handle patients of all ages.

The Silver Star Urgent Care clinic is equipped to handle nose bleeds, with packing available. We are also able to treat patients of any age. Walk-ins are always welcome, and there is very little wait time. We are able to accept most health insurance plans and we care about all our patients.

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