If you have experienced some kind of personal injury and need medical care, you can get treated quickly at the Silver Star Urgent Care clinic. There is no need for you to have to wait for hours to be seen at a hospital emergency room.

Types of Injury

Personal injury includes a wide range of injuries. They can be obtained from a wide variety of causes, too, ranging from a car accident, to a fall, or injuries sustained from a fight or violent attack. The damage done to you could be causing back pain, neck pain, chest pain, headaches, knee and leg pain, and much more.

The personal injuries, if you are to get recompensed by an insurance company, or if there is going to be a lawsuit, must be carefully documented by medical doctors. This can include general doctors, chiropractors, specialists, etc. In many cases, you may need x-rays, and other scans. Each of them will need to be recommended by a medical doctor in order for you to be reimbursed.

It is also true that many times injuries may not appear immediately. Some may show up much later, but it still holds true that the injury needs to be documented by a medical professional.

Get Treated at the Silver Star Urgent Care

The Silver Star Urgent Care clinic is capable of treating the injuries you receive. The only type that cannot be treated there are ones that are life-threatening, which would require that you go to an emergency room immediately.

Every aspect of your injury can be detailed at the Silver Star Urgent Care clinic. Diagnostic equipment, including an x-ray machine is located on site. A diagnosis of any injuries can be recorded and a record made for future purposes. You can also receive treatment and medications as needed for your injuries and symptoms.

The Doctors

Every one of the doctors at the Silver Star Urgent Care center is Board-certified. Some of them have also worked in hospital emergency rooms, which mean you would get exactly the same treatment as you would receive at an ER. Because the doctors have also specialized in different fields of medicine, we can treat patients of all ages and with a wide variety of problems.

Get Seen Fast

The Silver Star Urgent Care clinic works hard to have our patients get seen by a medical professional fast. We do not have long wait times, and our doctors are friendly, too. Walk-ins are also welcome, and each person gets treated as if they had an appointment.

Pay Less, Too

In addition to being seen quickly by our expert medical staff, you can also expect to pay much less than you would if you went to an emergency room at a hospital. We typically charge around half as much – and still give you the same level of service.

The Silver Star Urgent Care clinic welcomes personal injury cases and is ready to treat patients of all kinds. Our clinic is open longer hours than most doctors’ offices for your convenience. We open at 8:00 am every morning and close at 8:00 pm every night – seven days a week.

Contact info

228 Beach 20th Street Far Rockaway, NY 11691

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