People who are sexually active, or those who suspect that they might have an STD or HIV, can be tested for them. An STD, HIV screening test will enable you to know whether or not you might have been infected. Symptoms may not always show, but it is still possible to be infected.

Why Screening Is Important

It is possible that you may have become infected at some point in your life and may not be aware of it. Some STDs can lie dormant for many years and then the symptoms may appear, or worse problems can occur. The symptoms may also only appear after the disease has reached an advanced stage.

Even worse is that someone else could become infected by you. Some of these diseases are transmitted more easily than others. In other situations, it is also possible to get a disease such as HIV when sharing needles.

STDs such as human papillomavirus (HPV) can go without symptoms for a very long time. It has been found that the HPV virus is connected with several forms of cancer, including cancer of the mouth and throat.

People Who Should Be Tested

If you have had sex with only one partner, it is not likely that you need testing. People who have had multiple sex partners, those who start having sex with a new partner, men who have sex with other men, or those who have been raped or forced to engage in a sexual activity should be tested.

Others who should be tested include those who are planning on becoming pregnant, or who are already pregnant. Also, if you use drugs intravenously, you also should get STD, HIV screening. The CDC also recommends that all sexually active women younger than 25 be tested for chlamydia.

About the Screening

STD testing needs to be specific. There is no such thing as a general test that can check for all STDs. Some STDs will not show up on a test for it unless a specific amount of time has passed. A few STDs, such as herpes, for instance, may take anywhere from two weeks up to three months before a test will reveal anything.

When a test comes back positive, which means that it is likely you have a particular STD, more tests will be necessary. It is also possible that you may have more than one STD since they often are not alone. A negative result may only mean that an STD could not be detected at the time.

Vaccines May Be Available

The good thing about being screened is that if you should be tested positive, that there may be a treatment, vaccine, or cure for it. Obviously, this would be highly beneficial to you.

The Doctors

All of the doctors at the Silver Star Urgent Care clinic are Board-certified, and they can test and treat you for STDs and HIV. All STD testing is kept confidential.

The Silver Star Urgent Care clinic provides STD, HIV screening. Walk-ins are welcome and will be seen by medical professionals quickly. The clinic is open late to help you get treated without scheduling conflicts. Our hours are from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm seven days a week.

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