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When you suspect that you might have a kidney infection, you need to get medical attention. This type of medical problem can become very serious, and you need to go to a local kidney infections urgent care for treatment.

The Problem

A kidney infection starts out as a urinary tract infection. The symptoms of the early infection were likely apparent, but left untreated, or possibly the treatment did not work well, it has now grown worse. The bacteria have now reached the kidneys and it could become life-threatening.

The symptoms of a kidney infection include a number of things, which will make it very apparent that it is an infection in the kidneys. Among the symptoms, the person will likely have a fever with chills, abdominal pain, pain in the side, back, or groin area, a burning sensation when urinating, nausea and vomiting, and more. If these symptoms are present, you need urgent care.

Get Treatment Quickly

Although you might go to an emergency room at a hospital for medical care, you will likely have to wait for several hours before actually being seen by a doctor. You will also pay a bundle for your care.

Another option is to go to the Silver Star Urgent Care clinic, where you can receive local kidney infections urgent care quickly– and pay much less, too. Patients are seen quickly by our medical professionals and there are no long periods of sitting around waiting to see a doctor.

The Doctors

All of the doctors at our clinic are board-certified. Some of them have worked in a hospital emergency room previously, and their training and experience helps them to provide the best of care for all our patients.

Walk-ins Are Welcome

It is not necessary for you to have an appointment to get medical care at the Silver Star Urgent Care clinic. We welcome walk-ins and give you the same quick service and treatment that those with appointments receive.

The Urgent Care Center

The Silver Star Urgent Care center is both an emergency care center and a medical clinic. This combination enables us to provide a wide range of medical care for the entire family.

Diagnostic machines such as an x-ray machine and EKG are located in the clinic. When it is needed, this enables us to provide further diagnostic testing.

We also provide tests for many types of medical problems, as well as giving ongoing treatment when needed. Some of the conditions we treat, in addition to urinary tract infections, include asthma, STD’s, colds, flu, and more.

Pay Less

You do have the option to go to an emergency room at a hospital, you are also going to pay heavily for it. At the Silver Star urgent care, you can enjoy getting fast care and considerably lower costs. Just as important– the Silver Star urgent care gives you the same treatment you would receive at the ER.

The Silver Star Urgent Care clinic provides expert medical care for people of all ages. We also do it with compassion and aim to care for the whole person. We invite you to contact us when you need a local kidney infections urgent care for treatment.

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