Urgent Care

As an urgent care center, the Silver Star provides patients with fast care and can handle most medical situations other than life-threatening emergencies. Our doctors are well-trained and prepared to treat almost anything. The advantages of using urgent care over an emergency room are numerous, making us the ideal place of treatment in the New York City area.

Save Time

Over the years Emergency Rooms have become notorious for long waits before you even see a doctor. At the Silver Star Urgent Care center, we make it a point to see patients quickly and to provide the appropriate treatment. This saves you a lot of time in getting the treatment you need and means that you are less likely to be exposed to bacteria and other things that might be floating around a typical emergency waiting room.

In order to make it even more convenient for you, the Silver Star Urgent Care center is open in the evenings. This means you can stop by after work and receive the care you need. The center is open from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm every day – including Saturdays and Sundays.

The Treatments

The center has an x-ray machine, an EKG, and a lab for diagnosis. Many illnesses and conditions can be diagnosed and treated at the center, including colds, flu, cuts, burns, fractures, sprains, urinary tract infections, open wounds, and more. Doctors are also present who offer pediatric and geriatric care. In some situations, long-term treatment is also available, such as asthma treatment.


Our medical center is equipped to be able to provide many kinds of tests. This includes drug tests for work, DOT tests, STD testing, a Green Card Exam, and an exam for the coast Guard or Merchant Marine program. We also offer the TLC exam.

The Medical Staff

All of the doctors at the Silver Star Urgent Care center are Board-certified to ensure you receive the best care. All of our other medical staff are also certified and are committed to provide you with professional and friendly service. Some of the doctors and staff have worked in emergency rooms and are very experienced in handling medical emergencies.

Cost Effective

If you have need of medical care right away, it is going to cost you a considerable sum to visit an Emergency Room. The cost of going to an urgent care center is going to be considerably less – at least half the cost.


You will find that our center accepts most health insurance plans. In order to be sure, though, you should call first and your questions will be answered.

Great for Travelers

If you are visiting in the New York City area and need medical care, you can also drop by our medical center. You do not need to have an appointment because walk-ins are welcome.

Urgent Care