When you are injured, it is often a good idea to have it checked out. It is often hard to tell when an injury may be more serious than what is imagined at the time it occurs. Making sure that there is no further damage is important in order to receive the proper care and insurance benefits. If you are in the New York City area, you can get x-ray services at the Silver Star Urgent Care medical center.


Effective medical care depends on obtaining the right diagnosis of the problem in the first place. X-ray services are often an essential part of getting a correct diagnosis, letting doctors look at the condition of bones that may have been injured.

Having the x-ray machines on the premises enables you to receive the diagnosis you need right away. It will not be necessary to send you somewhere else for these scans.

Other Types of Diagnosis

In addition to be able to view the condition of bones in the body, a doctor can also determine the presence of some diseases, such as pneumonia, some cancers, etc. X-rays can also be useful in tracking the progress of a disease, or the success of medications and other treatments used to reduce it.

Digital X-rays

Modern x-ray equipment uses less radiation and it provides doctors with the ability to view the x-ray results digitally. These results enable the doctor to view them almost immediately, or, if necessary to even send them elsewhere. They also give the doctor the advantage of producing a sharper image. If more x-rays are needed, the doctor can obtain them while you are still in the office.

Expert Care

After the x-rays have been processed, doctors will examine them to determine the extent of the injury. This will determine the type of treatment you need, or, it may reveal that further testing is needed. The doctor will then be able to give you the right treatment and advice you need for the condition.

Save Money at Urgent Care

When an injury has occurred and medical care is needed, you may think about going to an emergency room at a hospital. What you will often find is that you will have to wait, sometimes hours, before you can be seen by a doctor. Even worse, you will pay high prices for the treatment given there. If you are having a life-threatening emergency, be sure to go to the Emergency Room, as urgent care centers are not equipped for this level of care.

Urgent care centers, such as the Silver Star Urgent Care in New York City, offers quick service and considerably lower costs than what you will find at an Emergency Room. Patients also can walk in at any time and no appointment is needed.

The Silver Star Urgent Care medical center offers x-ray services to be able to provide accurate diagnoses for our patients.

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