When you are injured with lacerations, cuts and scrapes, you are likely going to need to see a doctor for treatment. While many wounds of this type may be small, some of them can be quite serious and need urgent care. Instead of going to an emergency room at a hospital and waiting for hours to be seen and treated, an urgent care clinic can see you quickly, letting you get the treatment you need without the long wait.

The Type of Wounds

There are different types of wound that are similar, but the terms are different. Here are the definitions for these wounds.

  • Lacerations – If you have a wound that is jagged or torn it is a laceration. It is normally caused by a sharp instrument.
  • Cuts – This type of wound is also made by a sharp instrument, separating the skin, but with the skin still present. Cuts and lacerations are the same thing.
  • Scrapes – A scrape involves the removal of some skin by dragging it across a rough or hard object. A considerable amount of tissue may be removed, or it may be minor.

When to See a Doctor

Anyone having lacerations, cuts and scrapes can be serious and may need medical attention. It may involve considerable bleeding, and it may be deep, cutting into muscle, fat, tendons, blood vessels, or even bone. With this type of injury, there is a strong risk of infection. The wound needs to be cleaned and possibly stitched together to close it.

If there is serious bleeding, it needs to be stopped right away. A doctor should be seen quickly if stitches are needed. Doctors may also choose to use other methods to close wounds, depending on the location, in order to reduce scars.

A tetanus booster may also be needed. This immunization should be given for a more serious wound with dirt in it if you have not had one in the last five years. For wounds less serious, you may not need one if you have had one in the last ten years.

Get Seen Quickly

If you go to an emergency room at a hospital, you will likely have to wait for hours to be seen and treated. At the Silver Star Urgent Care clinic, you will be seen quickly by a medical professional. Walk-ins are also welcome.

The Doctors

All of the doctors at the Silver Star Urgent Care clinic are Board-certified. They are also specialized in different fields of medicine, enabling people of any age with a wide variety of needs to be treated. Some of the doctors have also worked in hospital emergency rooms, which mean you receive the same treatment you would get at an ER – but will not pay nearly as much.

The Silver Star Urgent Care clinic is ready to treat patients for lacerations, cuts and scrapes. Each patient is seen quickly and treated. Diagnostic equipment is located on the premises. The clinic is open from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm to be able to help more patients.

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