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Looking for the perfect primary care doctor is important, but selecting the right one can be a little difficult. You want to be sure that the doctor can provide most of your immediate medical needs, and also ones that you anticipate. Being able to meet the needs of the whole family is another thing you want to look for in a clinic.

The Clinic You Need

The Silver Star Urgent Care center is more than capable of providing for many of your medical needs. Our doctors are all board-certified, and some of them are also trained in specialized medicine like pediatrics, geriatrics, and can also treat everyone in between those ages.

Our name says “urgent care,” we also provide for many other medical services. We offer regular doctor’s services for such things as colds and the flu. When needed, we also give vaccinations.

Diagnostic Tests

An important aspect of good medical care is being able to accurately diagnose the problem. In order to be sure we understand what is happening, we have an x-ray machine in our medical clinic, and also an EKG for testing heart-related issues. We can also test for such problems as urinary tract infections, STD’s, and more.

Get Emergency Care

The Silver Star Urgent Care center is ready for just about any emergency you could have, except for ones that are life-threatening. We frequently handle such problems as broken bones, sprains, burns, fractures, open wounds, and cuts.

Some of our doctors have worked in hospital emergency rooms before and are very experienced. This enables us to provide you with the same care you would receive at an ER.

Another benefit of getting emergency treatment at the Silver Star Urgent Care clinic is that it will cost you considerably less than you would pay at a hospital’s ER. You can be sure that the services will be expensive at an ER. The Silver Star Urgent Care center charges about half their cost, letting you save a chunk of money.

Physical Exams

When you or a family member needs a physical exam for school or work, we can give you one. We also offer them for special licenses such as a TLC or DOT, for the Green Card, and for services such as the Coast Guard and the Merchant Marines. Primary care doctor can preform the physical exam quickly and easily.

Walk-ins Welcome

Whenever you have an emergency, or need some medical care, we welcome walk-ins. If you had an appointment, you will be treated the same as.

See a Doctor Quickly

When you come to us for urgent care, you do not need to be concerned about having to wait for hours before a doctor will see you. Our medical professionals see patients quickly, so that you get the care you need.

The Silver Star Urgent Care center is the medical clinic you and your family needs for urgent care and for primary care needs. You will also quickly see that our doctor’s care and we take time to listen to our patients.

You want to be sure that the doctor can provide most of your immediate medical needs, and also ones that you anticipate. Primary care doctor can meet the needs of the whole family.

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